Compounds are medications that are produced from raw materials that are designed specifically for each patient and their condition. Commercially available products are prepared in bulk for general conditions that do not require specific dosing. Compounds are designed for the patients' unique condition; weight, age, sex, and appropriate dosage form.

Example compounds that we have prepared are as follows:

Hydrocodone Gel - for patients who need pain relief but are unable to swallow

Tetracaine Lollipops - to ease throat or mouth pain to allow patients to swallow more easily

TMJ Cream - to apply to the problem site for relief without systemic side effects

Gold Dust - insufflation powder for the ear when traditional medications will not work

Betahistine Capsules - alternative medication for those patients with Meniere's disease

Omeprazole Suspension - for patients too young for tablets or those who cannot swallow solids

Beta-Sweet Ear Drops - for patients with chronic itchy ear

Dex-flox Ear Drops - antibiotic and steroid combination for ear infections

Centrisone Ear Lotion - antifungal and steroid mix for fungal infections of the outer ear

If you would like to request a compound, please call: 843-793-6402.