Charleston ENT Introduces New Tech Solution for One-Sided Deafness
October 11, 2013

Charleston, SC--- Charleston ENT doctors and audiologist Natalie Bickley recently teamed up with a local dentist to fit a Lowcountry man, deaf in one ear, with a new device that enables him to hear sounds and speech from all directions, according to Dr. Oma Hester, Otologist at Charleston ENT’s Hearing and Balance Institute.

The SoundBite™ device requires no surgery and does what conventional hearing aids cannot do for the deaf ear: it receives and transmits sounds to the opposite ear in a revolutionary way – via the teeth. The system is custom-made to fit around the wearer’s upper left or right
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Charleston ENT Joins Charleston Metro Chamber of Commerce
June 03, 2013

Charleston ENT is now a member of the Charleston Metro Chamber of Commerce and is serving on the Chamber’s Board of Advisors.

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Charleston ENT Accepts Green Business Challenge
June 01, 2013

Charleston ENT has accepted the “Green Business Challenge.” Managed by the Planning, Preservation and Sustainability Department of the City of Charleston, The Green Business Challenge (GBC) promotes environmental sustainability while enhancing business profitability. Metro area businesses and institutions work to reduce their energy, water and waste and to buy local while saving money.

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