Physicians and Providers

Charleston ENT Associates was founded in 1997 to serve people and families of Charleston, Dorchester, Colleton, and Berkeley counties.

Since then, our physicians have established 12 offices.

C Willy Schwenzfeier Bio Image C Willy Schwenzfeier, MD
Edward L McNellis Bio Image Edward L McNellis, RPh, MD
Eugene G Brown Bio Image Eugene G Brown, MD, RPh
Shaun N Scott Bio Image Shaun N Scott, MD
Edward G Behrens Bio Image Edward G Behrens, MD, PhD
Matthew D Scarlett Bio Image Matthew D Scarlett, MD
Michael C Noone Bio Image Michael C Noone, MD
Thomas S Dozier Bio Image Thomas S Dozier, MD
Mark D Ghegan Bio Image Mark D Ghegan, MD
Erik R Swanson Bio Image Erik R Swanson, MD
T Oma Hester Bio Image T Oma Hester, MD
Ronald J McVicar Bio Image Ronald J McVicar, DO
Patrick C Angelos Bio Image Patrick C Angelos, MD
Tracy S Harvey Bio Image Tracy S Harvey, MD, FACS
William T Brand III Bio Image William T Brand III, MD
Robert Jordan Bio Image Robert Jordan, MD
Jessica Lee Bio Image Jessica Lee, MD
Thomas Murphy Bio Image Thomas Murphy, MD
Gregory Bennett Bio Image Gregory Bennett, DO
Kenneth A Brown Bio Image Kenneth A Brown, M.D.
Don R Christian Jr Bio Image Don R Christian Jr, M.D.
David Maurer Bio Image David Maurer, M.D.
Julien A Norton Bio Image Julien A Norton, M.D.

Mid-Level Providers
Roxanne Hall Bio Image Roxanne Hall, MS, PA-C
Anna Maria Kammeyer Bio Image Anna Maria Kammeyer, MS, PA-C
Blair Price Bio Image Blair Price, MS, PA-C
Lori Booze Bio Image Lori Booze, MS, PA-C
Kristen Leigh Mauldin Bio Image Kristen Leigh Mauldin, MS, PA-C
Jennifer Campbell Bio Image Jennifer Campbell, MSN, APRN, NP-C
Brittany Howard Bio Image Brittany Howard, MS, PA-C
Steven Strocko Bio Image Steven Strocko, PA-C

Karen M Moore Bio Image Karen M Moore, AuD, CCC-A, F-AAA - Director of Audiology
Kati J Hinrichsen Bio Image Kati J Hinrichsen, AuD, CCC-A - Audiologist
Melissa A Franklin Bio Image Melissa A Franklin, MA, CCC-A - Audiologist
Kari D Horne Bio Image Kari D Horne, AuD, CCC-A - Audiologist
Lisa Leen Bio Image Lisa Leen, AuD, CCC-A - Audiologist
Linda DiCamillo Bio Image Linda DiCamillo, AuD, CCC-A - Audiologist
Jacqueline Fitzgerald Bio Image Jacqueline Fitzgerald, AuD - Audiologist
Emerald Lauzon Bio Image Emerald Lauzon, AuD - Audiologist
Christina Phillips Bio Image Christina Phillips, AuD - Audiologist
Salley Davidson Bio Image Salley Davidson, M. AuD, CCC-A - Audiologist
Rachelle Webster Bio Image Rachelle Webster, AuD, CCC-A - Audiologist
Tracy Brande Bio Image Tracy Brande, M.S. CCC-A - Audiologist
Elizabeth Ott Bio Image Elizabeth Ott, M.S. CCC-A - Audiologist
Lisa Crouch Bio Image Lisa Crouch, M.A. CCC-A - Audiologist